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HOPE (Helping Our Pupils Emotions)

Need Help during the holidays? Please call Staffordshire and S O T wellbeing services. Or get in touch with Action for children.

HOPE at Springcroft features in the Staffordshire Kind Mind newsletter!

How to reassure children on their return to school

Support Pathway Staffordshire

  • CAMHS Self referral
    Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) are now accepting SELF REFFERAL'S. This can be from Young People themselves or from parent/ carer's!!!!!!Tis is ahuge step forward for our Young people needing support, we are very excited about this news!!! xxxx

  • NSPCC Guidance - How to have difficult conversations with children
    You won’t always have a chance to plan ahead for these conversations as they can happen unexpectedly. A child or young person may raise a sensitive issue with you, or an event could trigger the need to talk to the children you work with. This might be something on a global or national scale such as coronavirus or a terrorist attack, or something more personal such as bereavement or serious illness. If you do have time to prepare for a conversation, this can help you feel confident about raising and addressing challenging topics.

Coping with Stress and Anxiety tools

Self Care Tips

  • Managing child stress
    To adults, childhood can seem like a carefree time. But children still experience stress. Things like school and their social life can sometimes create pressures that can feel overwhelming.As a parent, you can't always protect your children from stress — but you can help them develop healthy ways to cope with stress and solve everyday problems.


All About Feelings.

Social story book helping children how to manage big feelings

Dealing with the effects of disturbed sleep

Mindfulness activities


Mindfullness colouring