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Remote Learning Support

As remote learning becomes the new norm, we would like to share some resources to support our children and parents using the platforms and programs we subscribe to here at Springcroft. 

To summarise our provision:-

  • At 7pm in the evening will receive the assignment from your child’s class teacher with lessons of learning for the following day. These assignments may include pre-recorded videos, examples of the method from existing online resources, voiced over PowerPoints and relevant resources to support the learning The duration is simply a guide so please remember to be flexible and make it work for you.
  • Each day your child will receive a link in their calendar on Teams and on the “Posts” section to a “catch-up” session where teachers will meet and prepare the children for the learning set on that day.
  • The learning that is uploaded will mirror the learning that is being provided for the children who are in school.
  • Please remember that children learn at different rates and if children were in school the class teacher, if needed, would be adapting the learning as the lesson progressed. Therefore, if your child’s learning outcomes are slightly different to what is set then please feel free to adapt it when you need to and we completely support this.

I thank all our parents and carers who are working tirelessly to support their children's learning during these challenging times. Many of our parents and families did not train as teachers and you are doing a great job continuing your child’s education at home whilst also trying to fit your own work commitments into the day.

Install Office 365 for FREE at Home

Students are eligible to install Office 365 for free at home

Students are eligible to make use of a fully licensed version of Microsoft Office 365 which can be installed on multiple devices.

The Office 365 package includes tools such as: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams etc. To access this free resource please refer to the video below and sign up via the link below.







  • Distance learning with Microsoft 365: Guidance for parents
    Learning can happen anywhere with Microsoft 365 online. Get to know the Office 365 tools made to support learning of all ages and abilities, and see how your child’s core subjects and class discussions can happen with support from Microsoft Education.



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