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What you say about us

Positive relationships lie at the heart of Springcroft Primary. Leaders, staff and supportive parents work together to get the best for pupils. This partnership working helps pupils to thrive. Parents are proud of the school. Leaders are ambitious for the school community. They have created a kind, caring culture, and have a firm belief that all pupils can achieve their best. These values and aims are at the heart of every decision they make. – Ofsted, November 2022

It warms my heart how caring you all are. I cannot thank you enough.

Mrs M



To All the Staff at Springcroft,

Where do we start? You really are the best! We could not have picked a better school if we tried. Thank you everything you have done for our mini (family surname):

  • The learning
  • The encouragement
  • The tough love
  • The watchful eye
  • The reassuring glances
  • The laughs
  • The cuddles
  • The wet paper towels

....but most of all "Thank you" for being part of shaping them into the humans they are today!

We will be forever grateful

Mr and Mrs X



Hi there Mr Drew,

I just wanted to let you know that the Year 3 and Year 4 production was the best school show I have ever seen, both as a parent and teacher. The singing was amazing, so loud, confident and proud and you could just tell how much the children were enjoying showing everyone all they can do. The message was perfect too. 

Please pass on my thanks to all staff involved as I know just how much hard work it takes. Take care and I hope you all have a lovely Easter Holiday with your families.

Kind regards,

Mrs T 


Good evening,

(Child's name), (Father's name) and I would just like to say thank you for giving (Child's name) a little extra tlc today. I know you do it day in and day out but the Dentist had recommended that he stayed at home, I tried to persuade him but he was adament he wanted to come back. It's reassuring to know that he knows he will be looked after and have the extra need met alongsise you teaching and looking out for 29 other little people. Please could you pass our thanks to your fellow superhero (staff member), her little chats have meant the world to him. Also to (staff member) for sorting him and his pain relief.

Hope you have a lovely evening.

Thank you,

(Parent's name)


Mr Drew,

I had to take the time to day the most enormous thank you for everything you have done for (child's name), and also us as a family since joining Springcroft.

I can't tell you how happy we are to see (child's name) so happy confident and thriving in a lovely school environment where she is so looked after.

I've loved our chats on the playground, a quick hello goes such as long way; you should be incredibly proud of Springcroft, all of the staff and children.

Thank yo so much again

Mrs S



I love this school from the headteacher down. It promotes a loving yet disciplined atmosphere and we couldn’t be happier.


The school is more like a family, of supportive staff in a well ran machine. Staff are kind and generous with their support and time


As parents we know you and your team always do your best and have our childrens’ interests at the heart of everything  and from the bottom of my heart I thank you for this. You laid the foundations for both of our older boys which have allowed them to go on to shine. (Child's name) is already well on his way. 

Thinking of you all.

Mrs T x



Good evening Mr Drew,

We just wanted to send in some thank yous.

What a fantastic evening the springcroft children and Methodist choir delivered tonight. We throughly enjoyed ourselves and wanted to thank you all for the evening.

Secondly thank you (Teacher's name), (Child's name) has raved about how much she has enjoyed her choir sessions with her. To see (Child's name)  beaming face on stage tonight showed us how much she has enjoyed the whole experience.

Last but certainly not least can I thank you and your wonderful staff who yet again have gone above and beyond to enrich the lives of the children. It certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Merry Christmas to you and the hard working staff and we hope you have a restful break when you finally get there!

Yours sincerely

Mr and Mrs G


Dear Mr Drew

I am so glad I was able to attend the Y5/6 Production of 'Bugsey Malone' this afternoon. It was 'Wow' event!

Everyone involved needs to be congratulated for their part. Teachers, particularly, who give so much time to rehearse the pupils to give such a high level production. Parents for their support and help in the background. Then the pupils themselves! They all had so much to do as main characters, but were obviously 'multi -tasking' with other support work - stage management/props/costume changes/lighting/singing  etc.

What stood out for me was how much the pupils obviously enjoyed taking part. (The foam guns might have helped!) Thank you for providing them with the opportunity to engage with this 'performance' opportunity.

I left singing all their songs on my way home!

Best wishes




To Mr Drew and staff,

Just wanted to thank you all for everything you have done for all of us over the years that we have been at Springcroft, this school is amazing! You have all helped both of my kids so much to become the amazing people they are today and will continue to grow due to the wonderful guidance they have had in their early years, and this for you will all have a special place in our hearts.

Take care and have a wonderful summer!

Mrs H  x


Good evening Mr Drew,

(Child's name) has told me he came to speak to you, he is like a different child and has said it’s ‘ace’ to know he can pop in and talk to you at any time if he isn’t happy and you really (actively) listened to him. I am so glad he had the courage to speak for himself, and you have made him feel heard. You really have empowered him to have a voice, which I have tried all of this year for him to have. He has worked so hard and really is thriving academically at Springcroft; he is a little brain box and the hard work and dedication from everyone at Springcroft since Reception has supported that. Our other child is also doing amazing since being with (Class teachers name), he has supported her so much with speak and language and has given my shy girl so much confidence.

Miss W



Hi Mr Drew,

I just wanted to pass on to you what an amazing impact (Teacher's name) has on (child's name) at school. Last night (child's name) was just delighted to be reciting her times tables to us that she has been learning this week. To see her so happy and proud of her learning truly is a reflection of how fantastic (Teacher's name) is with the children and I felt this should be passed on to you, which I’m sure you already know. 

Mr and Mrs G


(Class teacher) is the most attentive and caring teacher I could have ever wished for my child. Not only has she enabled our child to make academic progress despite the challenges of covid but she has also ensured that pastorally my daughter is supported too. She goes above and beyond everyday, thank you will never be enough for the education and care she has provided our daughter with this year.


I can not praise the school enough, the staff are fantastic, supportive, friendly, caring and approachable. I think the presence of Mr Drew on the yard during drop off and collection is invaluable and he always makes time for anyone who approaches him whilst still acknowledging everyone who passes.


Given the last 12 months I feel the school has worked extremely hard to ensure staff & children are safe (good hygiene & procedures in place) and happy (tried to keep things as normal as possible) during these unknown times.


I adore this school and all its staff, the extra mile they continue to go amazes me. My son is happy here and feels it is just an extension of home and family.


Thank you so much for this (staff name), itwas lovely meeting you too and I had a lovely morning, the kids were fantastic (as usual).

Take care


School Photographer


Amazing staff and school. I am so pleased that my son’s future is in your hands.


The staff in the office are always very approachable, helpful and put you at ease with any queries that you have. The personal nature in which everyone greets you/ asks how you are is very welcoming.


Hi (Teacher's name), 

Thank you so much for all the work you’ve been doing with (child'sname). I’ve noticed such a change in everything even down to her general demeanour, she seems so much happier and confident. I am thrilled with the friendship she’s made with (child's name) and they seem very similar characters which is fantastic, and so far seem to be getting along excellent. 

Hope you have a fabulous break 

Miss S 



Dear Mr Drew,

Congratulations to you, your teachers and the Years 3 and 4 singers for a wonderful concert last Wednesday evening. It was so lovely to see your enthusiastic pupils performing with members of the Stoke-on-Trent Methodist singers. It was inspirational to see the young and,  the “a little older”, singing together - and with beautiful accompaniments on flute and piano.

I really enjoyed the lovely mixture of music performed - and my favourite was “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas “.

Finally, congratulations on raising over £600, on that evening, towards the new Stoke-on-Trent Air Ambulance.

I hope you will have a lovely end to the term; and very best wishes for Christmas,

Mrs H


Hi Mr Drew,

Thank you for hosting the last two Greenpower Goblin Race Car days. Our children have really enjoyed the visits and have gained in confidence in visiting a new school and engaging with people they don’t know. Also please pass on my thanks to (teacher's name) for his technical help and expertise. Driving the cars is an experience none of our pupils have ever tried before and they always come away buzzing.

The lunches have all been fabulous and our pupils enjoyed everything!

Your pupils are a credit to you, they are polite, helpful and eager to engage with ours.

Have a fantastic summer, relax and I look forwards to future collaborations.

Kind regards,

Mr B


Thank you for everything you've done. You have all been amazing at Springcroft through this (COVID-19).

Mrs H



Dear Mr Drew,

I just wanted to write to say that the schools communication with parents and ability to adapt to an ever changing world (COVID-19) is excellent. Springcroft is continually offering support and alternatives when times are most challenging. You have all been very supportive and amazing throughout the whole period. Our children have thrived since being back in school after Easter this year. Springcroft has worked well and adapted to the effects that COVID-19 has had on school life very well and have gone above and beyond to inform parents of all changes they’ve made. Online learning that has been provided has been particularly good, with huge leaps in progress from the first lockdown to the second one and now as platform to facilitate homework. We love how open the communication is between school and parents. We love the enthusiastic and approachable staff. We love how every child is rewarded for their own individual achievements and we are impressed at how effectively any behavioural issues are dealt with.

Kind regards

Mrs T


Dear Mr Drew,

Springcroft is a lovely school with a real community/family feel. My son has done really well here and that is largely down (staffs name), they are both great teachers and are passionate about the children. Both (child's name) and myself are very sad that this is his last year at Springcroft. Thank you so much for everything.

Mrs H


Dear Mr Drew,

Springcroft is the jewel in Staffordshire schools. All staff are very approachable, and selfless, and children’s well-being and achievement always comes first. We are privileged that we are part of Springcroft and it has been a joy to watch it continue to grow and developed. Thank you all

Mrs W



Dear Mr Drew

Rhea enjoys every day of school and really looks forward to trying her best.

Mrs. S 


Good morning, 

I must thank you as I have noticed a drastic change in (child's name) in the short time you have been speaking with him, he is a lot happier at home and is more willing to want to do school work. We have been working on boosting is confidence at home, but if there is anything we can do at home to coincide with exercises at school please let me know. 

I really do appreciate all the help you do for him. 

Miss K 



Dear Mr Drew and the wonderful staff at Springcroft primary school,

Word's cannot express the gratitude and appreciation that I have for you all especially in the last 16 months as (child's name) takes on this new journey in life. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all so very much for everything you have done during this pandemic. As a key worker who has worked all the way through COVID-19, (child's name) was one of the children who had to attend school, it was your guidance and support that as a family we could carry on doing what we did while you and your amazing team took care of our child we would not have been able to do our jobs without you and your support, so I would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff at Springcroft primary school are the best anyone could wish for thank you again for everything you have all done.

Best wishes love and support always.

The D Family


Hello Mr Drew,

Just a quick email to thank you and (class teacher) for making (child's name) feel so special and at ease today.

She was so worried about starting her new school last night and this morning, but came out with a huge smile on her face and said that all the children were really kind and played with her, and of how much she likes (class teacher) and how caring she was to (child's name).

I know things have been so difficult over the lockdown....changes for everyone, but you have both made one little girl very happy today. She has said that she can't wait to go back to school tomorrow.

Take care,

Miss F


Thank you & all at Springcroft, the continued support has been fantastic. Have a well deserved break.

Mrs H



Dear Mr Drew and Mrs Johnson (Headteacher at Blythe Bridge High School),

I would like to congratulate the pupils who pass my home on Grindley Lane for their excellent behaviour.

Yesterday afternoon I was collecting leaves from the footpath and verge outside my home and as pupils from the two schools approached on their way home I turned off my blower and moved onto the verge to give them some 'Covid space' (and to avoid blowing leaves on them!). Without exception, each group thanked me and a couple of groups passed the time of day with me (I hope that is not against their instructions?). I was particularly amused by the little ones who took the time to speak to me.

Their manners and attitude are a credit to them all.

If there is the opportunity and it is appropriate, I would like you to tell your pupils how impressed a local resident was with their behaviour.

Yours sincerely,

Mr P. MC


We are extremely happy with Springcroft, and more importantly, so are our girls. We are impressed with the standard of teaching, especially methods used in class to ensure that the child's emotional needs are met.



Good morning Mr Drew

I would like to express my sincere thanks for all of the home school lessons that have been planned for our girls.

I have learned lots with them and I have found the videos really helpful as a parent!

The maths videos for both Year 1 and Year 3 have really helped me to help our girls. Or the short videos that both (teachers name) and (teachers name) Burgess have carried out have also been really helpful.

Please thank everyone for continuing lessons in school and at home during these unprecedented times.

I feel truly blessed that our children can attend such an inspiring school and enrich our daughters lives daily.

Stay safe and thank you again.

Take care

Mrs D



Dear Mr Drew,

We care scarcely believe that (child's name) time at Springcroft has come to an end. It is hard to comprehend that (child's name) is moving onto high school as we look back with great affection at his first tentative days starting out in Reception. Our sincerest gratitude is extended to you and the whole Springcroft family. Over the years (child's name) has grown into an honest, considerate, hardworking young man and that has been encouraged by the ethos of Springcroft. The care, dedication, patience, creativity and extra efforts shown by yourself and (child's name)'s teachers has helped not only to educate but also to nurture him.

Thank you for the fun that (child's name) has had and for the opportunity of being part of the football team, which (child's name) was particularly proud of being involved in. 

Not only am I grateful to yourself and the teachers, I would also like to mention my personal thanks to (office staff). Her calm and caring manner has always been appreciated when contacting the office and I was certain of a very warm welcome and smile whenever I visited.

We will always be grateful for your support and kindness and wish you and all at Springcroft a very prosperous future.

With our very best wishes,

Mr & Mrs P


Good morning Mr Drew

I’d like to express my thanks to yourself and all of your Colleagues in these very strange and unprecedented times.

Our girls love to come to school and adore all of their teachers and colleagues. 

I have thanked (class teachers name) and (class teachers name) on numerous occasions and to pass on my thanks to their support staff who are so important in our school. 

I also think the virtual parents evening was a wonderful way to have a discussion about how our girls are doing. All credit to Springcroft in these times. 

We love “teams” too, it’s a great way of carrying out the homework.

Best wishes 

Mrs D


Dear Mr Drew

I would just like to say what a wonderful teacher (teacher's name) is and her colleagues in Year X.

We live in such strange times and it’s so lovely to hear our daughter (child's name) come home and talk about (teacher's name), such a kind and thoughtful lady and a credit to Springcroft.

Kindest regards

Mrs D

Since joining Springcroft, (Child's name) has re-found her thirst and sparkle to learn again. She loves to read and do her spellings everyday, and this would not have been possible without the encourage and nurture of (class teacher) and her team. A special thank you to everyone at Springcroft.



Good evening (class teacher),
We just wanted to take the time to say a huge ‘Thank you’ for not only all the amazing work that you have done during lockdown, but throughout the year too.
(Child's name) has absolutely flourish, both academically and personally since joining you in year X and this is down to the fabulous work that you have done. We very much appreciate this and wanted to let you know (I know that parents don’t often tell you this)
There wasn’t a day where she didn't bounce into school, excited for the day a head. She’s loved all of the topics you’ve done and all the challenges of year X.  Laches Wood was an absolute highlight for her, even having just come out of hospital along with the evacuee day.
We wish you a well earned restful summer break and look forward to seeing what the new normal will be in September.
With Kind regards and much Thanks,



Hope you are well.

I have attached (Child's name) final tasks.

I just wanted to say a massive Thank-you from me & (Child's name) for all your support through this difficult time. We really appreciate it.

Thank-you again & have a good 6 weeks.

See you in September.



Dear (Teacher's name),

 I hope you don’t mind me emailing like this but I really wanted to let you know just how much we have appreciated everything that you (and Mrs X) have done over the last 12 months for (Child's name). The difference and growth in him amazes us every day and you have played a massive part in this, for which we can not thank you enough. There just is not the words.

(Child's name) absolutely adores you, and you have made his school days so much fun but he really seems to have grasped that he needs to work hard at times in order to have fun at other times. Which he always tells us that this is something you have told him over the year “that’s what (class teachers name) says”.

 Every person and family has that teacher that will stay in their hearts forever, and for us this is you!

 We wish you a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you again in September!

 Thanks you again,

 Mr and Mrs H 


Mr (class teaches name) 

Thank you - thank you for being an amazing Critical Key Worker for all of these children, for your patience, your communication and your understanding.  It's sad that (Child's name) hasn't been able to benefit from his full school year with you but i know he won't think of you as a stranger and hopefully will remember that you can still be a mentor and a constant for him throughout his remaining year.

Many, many thanks once again for all your help.

Put your feet up now and enjoy these precious few weeks, I hope the sun shines for you - you and all Team Springcroft more than deserve it.

Take care and stay safe

Mr & Mrs F



Mr Drew,

I can only imagine how hard this whole experience (COVID-19) has been for you and the amazing team at Springcroft. After reading the email you have sent to us this afternoon I have to be honest and say it bought a tear to my eye as I started to realise the difference the whole experience of school is going to be for the children when they go back in September. 

But on that note, the work,  thought, time and compassion that you and the staff have put and are putting into re-opening Springcroft is just amazing and we want to thank you so much for everything you do the the Springcroft family. 

A massive thank you from The (family name) x


Dear Mr Drew,

We think the school and teachers under your leadership are fantastic, and thank you for all the time, kindness and teaching you have given (child's name) over the years.



Hi Mr Drew,

Just wanted to feedback how fantastic it was to spend lunchtime with Year 1 today.

The food was lovely but also, and more importantly the calmness and organisation in the hall and around school was amazing.

Also, the children's behaviour was impeccable.

It was an absolute pleasure to spend the time in school, as agreed by my husband.

These type of events are lovely for the pupils and the parents. I also saw that the pupils whose parents were unable to attend were also well looked after by the teaching and dinner time staff.

Well Done.

Kind regards 



Where has the time gone. Primary school has flown by and we couldn't have chosen a better school for (child's name). She has come on leaps and bounds and this is shown in her annual reports. We will miss you all. Thank you for everything and keep up the good work.



Mr Drew,

Can I please say that I feel so privileged that my grandchildren attend such a lovely, warm, caring school. Every member of your staff that I have come into contact with from the office staff to the children's teachers they are all absolutely amazing. I always feel that I am leaving them in such caring capable hands.

Thank you Mr Drew.

Kind regards



Dear Mr Drew and the Springcroft staff,

We just wanted to express our thanks for the lovely bedtime stories evening that you held this week. You all truly go above and beyond to ensure our children have the richest learning experiences and opportunities. We really appreciate the time and effort you put in especially in an evening when you could all be at home with your families. The progress our daughter has made since September is fantastic and we are extremely grateful to you all.

Kindest regards

Mrs and Mrs G 


We are so happy with how Springcroft has helped (child's name) to grow since she has been going to school. It is a fantastic school, which provides so many wonderful opportunities and is so supportive and inclusive. We are excited about (child's name) next year and beyond. Thank you.



Mr Drew,

I write to thank you and your team of excellent teachers for allowing (child's name) to join your amazing school and for the the support, care and education you have given her.  (Child's name) has benefited in so many area and continues to flourish - I can't praise and thank everyone at Springcroft enough for giving (child's name) this opportunity to be her real self and to shine the way she does. A massive thank you to you all, you will be missed......not to forget the unsung heroes in the school office who keep the school afloat.

Thank you all for your support - it has been greatly appreciated



Dear Mr Drew and all the staff at Springcroft,

Thank you for everything. It's with sadness we wave goodbye. We couldn't have hoped for a better introduction to education for (child's name).

Love Mr & Mrs R


Thank you so much for personally delivering the children’s hoodies today, I feel so blessed that (Child's name) got to attend/attends such an amazing school, a little tear when he tried it on and (Child's name) is forever grateful. Thanks again, you are all incredible :) xx

Mrs E 


(Child's name) has had a fantastic report and we are so very proud of her. She has really enjoyed Year X, we have seen her grow in confidence and excel academically. This is testament to (class teacher) and the teaching support staff. (Child's name) really is thriving - she is happy and has a lovely set of friends.

We believe the culture of the school, the quality of teaching staff and the welcoming and friendly atmosphere really support (child's name) - thank you!



(Child's name) has grown in confidence this year well beyond anything I could of hoped for. This is all down to (class teacher) who has worked hard to get to know (child's name), and by gaining her trust, pushed her to do things out of her comfort zone but not enough which upsets her. I have seen (child's name) do things without getting upset which I did not think was possible. Well done (child's name) and (class teacher) - you are a credit to Springcroft - they should be proud to have you as a teacher.



We are such proud parents, you all do such an amazing job and we are so grateful. Our son comes home telling us what a great day he has had and what he has been learning about - thank you so much.



(Child's name) has absolutely loved her time in Year X. (Class teachers) has worked really hard with (child's name) and used some fantastic learning techniques to help (child's name) to retain information along the way. We are once again super proud parents. Thank you for helping her to learn, develop and grow into a lovely girl.



Keep doing what you're doing as it works!



Thank you for keeping 'test pressures' away from (child's name), he is convinced he 'didn't do his SAT's'! This has eanbled him to work confidently in an environment that felt normal and safe for him



Dear Mr Drew,

I am writing this email today because I think in this world we are far too quick to criticise and not quick enough to compliment. I just want to express my our gratitude to our daughters teacher.

Our daughter has only been a member of the Springcroft family for just under 5 months and in that time she has just blossomed. The school is amazing, she thrives on your ethos and learning approach but most of all from the nurturing approach to learning that the Springcroft staff has shown -  I know not only to our daughter, but her whole class.

Our daughter has gone from not been able to read a word in September but to read a book of small sentences to fluently already, her maths blows me away and her writing skills I feel are rapidly improving. The biggest achievement is that she has found a passion for learning and where she was once reluctant to attend school since starting Springcroft she can't wait to come and start her day.

This last few weeks (class teacher) has also supported us as a family with a matter at home that she didn't have to but she has. She has been like my fairy godmother. The fact that (class teacher) has taken the effort to give that extra mile makes her such a special lady and I would like to make it known to you both how thankful we are and let you know what a special lady you've got working for you. We are always greeted with a smile regardless of the morning or afternoon she has had. She always takes the time to listen and I'm sure I am not alone to say that not every teacher gives as much love and passion to her work and it is such a lovely quality to have.

I am so happy that we moved our daughter to Springcroft and that she has settled and is now enjoying school life. And we would like to say a big thank you to you all especially (class teacher). We are looking forward to watching our daughter continue to flourish.

Many thanks

Mr and Mrs W (Parent)


Springcroft Primary is a fabulous school! My colleagues and I were immediately made to feel welcome by Mr Drew and his staff. The children were an absolute credit to the school and the local community. It was a pleasure to work with all involved to name ‘Spring Lodge Avenue’, a recent SARH development of 13 new affordable homes.

Karen Armitage, Chief Executive, Stafford and Rural Homes


(Child's name) report is fantastic, he really enjoys school and is always eager to learn. (Class teacher) has been fantastic and in the last half of the year, I have seen his confidence grow. Thank you all at Springcroft for encouraging him and supporting him. We are so proud of (child's name) and we will continue to encourage him to learn and embrace the schools culture.



Dear Mr Drew & Staff,

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful afternoon when I came to see my great great niece and all the children in their Christmas play - it was wonderful. You all must have put a lot of hard work into it to support the children in being so good - it was a credit to you all. Along with hard work, there must have been a lot of love and kindness too. God bless you all, and keep up the wodnerful work with the children.

BB - Great Great Auntie


Dear Mr Drew,

As our Year 6 comes to an end, we wanted to express our gratitude to you and all the staff at Springcroft for the excellent support and environment you provide to the children who attend the school.

A has made excellent progress because children learn best when they are happy having fun.

Schools have to be measured by the academic results they produce at Government level, but for parents the measures are much closer to home. There has never been a single day when A has not wanted to come to school because he has truely loved his time at Springcroft and for that reason alone, we just wanted to say a massive 'Thank you'.

JW - Parent


Dear Mr Drew,

Thanks a million for such a warm welcome into your school today.

I’m lucky enough to get to visit schools fairly regularly, and the happy and vibrant atmosphere that greeted us this morning is as good as anywhere I’ve seen.

All the best

GM - Visitor to school


Dear Mr Drew,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line in regards to the YR6 SATS last week. After speaking with a number of other parents who have children in other schools, everyone seemed to have had issues or melt downs either on the run up to or during SATS week.

Not only was our daughter (and her friends from what she has said) completely fine, she actually enjoyed everything to do with them! She now realises that exams are not to be stressed over but she is aware of the work and dedication that needs to go into these.....a very valuable lesson for the future. I know an awful lot of hard work, time and effort goes into preparing children for assessments, but from a parents point of view I cannot thank you enough for how well prepared she was! She really did seem to take it all in her stride.

So I just wanted to say thank-you to all the staff at Springcroft for all you have done for them, at what could have been a very stressful time.

Many thanks



Our daughter has only been part of the Springcroft family since September, but we can honestly say she is extremely happy and content. She looks forward to school and it has a very welcoming feel. The whole staff are very happy to discuss anything and it is clear that Springcroft encourage parents to be integral to our child's learning journey.



Dear Mr Drew,

Such well behaved children and involved teachers. It's clear how invested the teachers are in the students learning. A fantastic and positive school!

ES - Visitor to school


Springcroft Primary School is excellent, the staff are fantastic with the children. The opportunities they have from making biscuits to pizza, piano lessons,Lego club and school trips etc is excellent. A lot of hard work goes into putting on shows ie: Nativity Play and the children love it and the parents and grandparents love to come and watch too. It’s good to see everyone gets involved.



Dear Mr Drew,

Just a very quick message to say 'Thank you' for a brilliant Sports Day 2018. Our children loved been involved, and we love being part of the Springcroft family. You should be very proud of what Springcroft is becoming, a great school! Please pass on my thanks to your staff and amazing children. Thank you.

WDG - Parent


Dear Mr Drew,

Always a lovely school to work with. The way the school is run excellent, and the staff are great with the children. All children are very well behaved and clearly very talented! We look forwards to working with you further!

LT - Visitor to school


Very friendly and welcoming. I like the small size of the school so the children all get to know each other and the teachers know all of the children too. There is a really lovely atmosphere.



Dear Mr Drew,

I love coming in to school to read with children. It is a brilliant school!

AB - Parent Reader


I am completely happy with Springcroft. I feel the teachers and staff are approachable and work hard to build child progress. My children are happy and always want to make their teachers proud. Fantastic school.



Dear Mr Drew and the Springcroft team,

I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you for welcoming myself and my husband to your parent information evening. I found Springcroft to be warm and welcoming and exactly the type of school I wish to send my daughter to. Your openness and the information shared about the school was extremely helpful in supporting on decision on where to apply to. It was lovely that all the teaching staff were there (something that I did not expect to see) and we really enjoyed visiting their beautifully presented classrooms that displayed an excellent learning environment, it’s clear the staff and students work very hard in your school.

Many thanks again for this evening, Springcroft will definitely be our first choice

Kind regards

Mrs G


Good afternoon,

I wanted to write to say thank you to the staff for taking the time to give parents detailed information about the proposed residential trip last night.

I think that this is a fantastic opportunity for the children and I can say that both J and his Dad and I are all really excited. 

You have my full support to run this trip exactly as you described last night and I hope it is a huge success.

If there's anything I can do to help make the trip a success, please do let me know.

Kind regards,

Mrs T


Hi Mr Drew,

I hope you're well & looking forward to your summer break.

I just wanted to give a formal compliment for (class teacher).....I know she's leaving Springcroft soon, which is a real shame, but she has been amazing, she has gone above & beyond to help (child's name) & myself this year with any issues we've had....she has been so helpful & understanding & I feel she deserves to be complimented.....all the teachers are fab actually, but (teachers name) has gone that extra mile for us, so thankyou to (teachers name).

Take care if I don't see you at school 

Have a wonderful summer

Mrs F